cosmetic foot surgery

The Benefits of Cosmetic Foot Surgery

  Cosmetic foot surgery can have a positive impact on your self-image and confidence. For women, this kind of surgery can correct years of abuse from wearing high heels or improperly fitting shoes. The benefits of cosmetic foot surgery involve regaining functionality, balance, strength and an overall improved appearance of your feet. Your feet are…
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Women's feet

Common Concerns Women have with their Feet

  Of all the differences between men and women, feet probably aren’t the first to come to mind. But women’s feet are different from men’s feet in a number of ways. And because of that, there are lots of foot issues that affect women more than men. Feet Because of the anatomical differences between women…
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Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Are you Considering Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

    People get cosmetic surgery for many reasons. Some want to look younger, and others seek to change a feature about their body they never liked. Ultimately, the decision is personal and usually involves individual and monetary commitment. Successful results often depend on how well you and your surgeon communicate. Make sure you feel…
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Ankle Sprain

Several Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

      An estimated 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day according to research from the American College of Sports Medicine. Although many times these sprains occur during athletics, ankle sprains can also occur during daily activities like walking across a lawn and going up or down stairs. The recovery time for…
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surgery and recovery

Preparing for Surgery and Recovery

    Surgery can be intimidating and often is nerve racking if you are not prepared for it, but with the proper guidance and information, you can be prepared on your day of surgery. Make a list of questions and discuss them with your surgical team at your pre-operative visit. You should understand what your…
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foot and ankle surgery

Reasons for Foot and Ankle Surgery

      Most of the time, we hardly give a thought to getting places by walking. But when out feet hurt, even a short distance can be an agonizing ordeal. It is estimated approximately, 75% of Americans will have foot or ankle problems at some time during their lives. Unfortunately, some of these problems…
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