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. Bunion Correction (Beach-Bunion Procedure™)
. Foot Shortening (Foot-Tuck™)
. Hammertoe Correction (No-Scar ™ Hammertoe Procedure)
. Plantar Plate Repair
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. Ankle Fracture Surgery
. Minimally Invasive Haglund’s Deformity (Pump Bump) Surgery
. Tarsal Tunnel Release
. Calf Augmentation
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. Therapy
. Treatment
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. (Hyper-Hydrosis) Treatment
. Foot Filler (Pump-Pad™) Procedure
. Spider Vein Treatment
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Miami Foot Surgery

Our feet and ankles are crucial for living an active, productive, and healthy lifestyle. When they’re afflicted with injuries and ailments, every day is filled with pain and normal activities can seem unbearable. Based in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ray Lopez is a Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon committed to getting people back on their feet by offering his patients world-class procedures.

About Dr. Ray Lopez

Dr. Lopez’s surgical skills and eye for aesthetics enables him to deliver both functional and cosmetic surgical results for his patients. At the forefront of cosmetic and reconstructive foot surgery Dr. Lopez has developed multiple procedures to deliver the outcomes his patients desire, utilizing the latest in technology and surgical techniques. It is Dr. Lopez’s passion to deliver patients beauty and confidence with every step.

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Beach Bunion Procedure™ Before and After

Your Health and Mobility is Our Priority

Dr. Ray Lopez has worked with athletes, dancers, and professionals whose careers rely on their mobility to help them get back to full health! Dr. Lopez’s revolutionary medical techniques can restore health and mobility for all parts of the foot and ankle, including his no-scar bunion and hammer toe correction, and more!

Cosmetic Results are Our Passion

Whether you want to feel at ease while sporting the hottest designer footwear, or desire nothing short of perfection for your legs and feet, Dr. Ray Lopez is the specialist for you. Through his innovative procedures, Dr. Lopez provides cosmetic foot shortening (Foot-Tuck™), foot fillers (Pump-Pad™), injections to cure hyper-hydrosis, and removal of varicose veins.


Patients from around the world have sought Dr. Lopez’s expertise when it comes to his ground-breaking, minimally invasive, no-scar procedures. With four different locations in South Florida, Dr. Lopez’s state-of-the-art offices and experienced team provide the level of care and attention our patients expect. Our VIP patient specialist will assist you from start to finish not only coordinating your procedure but also assisting in arranging travel and accommodations at one of our top miami beach hotels. Our team is committed to making your stay with us as easy and effortless as possible, enabling you to rest and rehabilitate after surgery while showing off your beautiful results! For more specific information about innovative bunion treatment options, consider exploring bunion surgery in Miami or Corn Removal Surgery in Miami, which offers advanced procedures that could further enhance your recovery. Click below to schedule your appointment!

Dr. Ray Lopez

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery