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Are you Considering Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

People get cosmetic surgery for many reasons. Some want to look younger, and others seek to change a feature about their body they never liked. Ultimately, the decision is personal and usually involves individual and monetary commitment. Successful results often depend on how well you and your surgeon communicate. Make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and that you are open with him or her about your goals and questions.

Why Do You Want Cosmetic Foot Surgery? Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Many people have good reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery, and in particular cosmetic foot surgery. Individuals who have consider such surgery have thought it over carefully, are in good health, have good self-esteem, understand the risks of the procedure they’re considering, and are doing it for themselves. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Other people, however, are doing it to try to please someone else, often their spouse or partner. If you wear sandals, spend a considerable amount of time barefoot by the pool or at the beach, or just want to impress a partner, the idea of cosmetic foot surgery immediately becomes attractive.

In addition, prior to any kind of surgery, in this case, cosmetic foot surgery, it is important to think about these important questions:

  • What is your motivation? Are you doing it for someone else, or yourself?
  • What do you want to change and why?
  • How long have you wanted to do this?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Does your surgeon agree that your goals are reasonable?

Knowing why you want cosmetic foot surgery and whether you’re likely to get the results you want will help you decide whether to get the procedure or to reconsider your options. Asking yourself these questions will help determine where you stand while you are still in the decision-making process. Consultations are highly recommended, sitting one on one with a professional who specializes in foot and ankle surgery can offer you advice and guidance and you can tell him or her exactly what you want to get done. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

You have Options Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Once you have decided that cosmetic foot surgery is worth the cost and the risks, and your foot and ankle doctor believes you’re a good candidate, then you have some options to consider. Ideally, to best reduce your risks of any complications, you should: Cosmetic Foot Surgery

  • Be in good overall health
  • Not be a smoker
  • Be at a healthy weight
  • Have the ability to stay off your feet for the time it takes to heal completely

An experienced foot and ankle surgeon that specializes in cosmetic enhancements may be able to combine your desire for an aesthetically pleasing foot with your needs for better functionality. With the use of the latest surgical techniques and technology, experienced foot surgeons can effectively, and safety enhance the appearance of your feet. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

A Cosmetic Option for Women Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Like many other cosmetic surgical procedures, foot surgery is requested typically by women who are embarrassed by their feet or who believe that prettier feet can improve their self-esteem. Procedures that make the foot more functional have long been associated with a more aesthetically pleasing foot. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

For instance, a bunion surgery straightens the foot and gives a more pleasing contour. One can treat hammertoes, brachymetatarsia, adductovarus toes and tailor’s bunions with surgical procedures that only correct the deformity but also provide an aesthetic improvement. Many commonly performed procedures give the foot an improved appearance and this is very appealing to women who are looking to get cosmetic surgery on their feet. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Hammer toes: a toe that has an abnormal bend in its middle joint, making the toe bend downward to look like a hammer. This painful condition forms due to an imbalance in the surrounding muscles, tendons, or ligaments that normally keep the toe straight.

Brachymetatarsia: a condition in which there is one or more abnormally short or overlapping toe bones (metatarsals). This condition may result due to a congenital defect or it may be an acquired condition.

Adductovarus toes: a crooked toe that tries to move under its adjacent toe. This toe problem is commonly seen in your fourth and fifth toes, and it is a direct result of wearing shoes.

Tailor’s Bunion: also called a bunionette, is a bony lump that forms along the side of the little toe, a bunion can be painful, especially if it rubs against your shoe.

 Body Image Cosmetic Foot Surgery

The feet are incredibly important structures, not only for a person’s balance and mobility but also for a person’s aesthetic appeal. This is especially true in cities with warmer climates like Los Angeles and Miami for example, where feet are shown a lot through flip-flops and sandals as well as at pools and at the beach. As a result, more and more people are turning to cosmetic foot surgery as a way to improve the look of their feet.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer limited to breast augmentations and nose jobs or for the rich and famous. Regular, everyday people are now exploring options for both aesthetic and functional foot surgeries to help alleviate foot problems and change foot appearances. Coincidentally, in most cases, altering the foot’s appearance can also prevent impending structural issues and arthritic joints. Cosmetic Foot Surgery

The Decision Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is of course a huge investment emotionally, physically, and financially. The procedures are usually invasive and will have differing levels of discomfort and recovery time depending on the procedure you choose to undergo. This is why it is important you must make sure you are certain that choosing cosmetic foot surgery is the right option for you.

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