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Bunion Correction Surgery Miami (Beach-Bunion Procedure™)

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What is Revision Bunion Correction? 

It’s a medical procedure to repair any recurring issues after a patient undergoes a previous bunion surgery. 

Causes: It is common for the recurrence of a bunion after surgery; whether it’s immediate or over a long period of time – it is an unfortunate truth. This occurs when the original bunionectomy did not address the total severity of the bunion, or it did not resolve excessive motion on the foot. If a patient experienced excessive flexibility of the foot after their surgery, this may cause the bones to spread open again, resulting in a recurrent bunion.

Sign & Symptoms: Signs and symptoms of a recurring bunion include:

  • Muscular imbalance from big toe drifting inwards (away from smaller toes)
  • Swelling over your big toe joint that’s made worse by pressure from footwear.
  • Hard, callused and red skin caused by your big toe and second toe overlapping.
  • Sore skin over the top of the bunion 

Diagnosis and Treatment:  Because every case of hallux varus is different, treatments usually differ in terms of correcting what was done previously. This may involve simple soft tissue work to revise bone cuts to achieve proper realignment, or if it’s a long-standing hallux varus, the big toe joint may have to be fused in place. We recommend treating hallux varus aggressively before secondary joint contractures occur to minimize the invasiveness of the corrective surgery.

Recovery: Although the surgery can be completed on a same-day basis without a need for overnight stay, we recommend patients exercise patience as bunions wont fully heal for 6-12 months.

Dr. Ray Lopez

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery